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The Perfect Family Getaway: Cruise Options for All Ages

What kind of vacation can entertain all age groups, and be a great memory for the whole family? Read here... read more

41 Percent of America Did THIS Last Year!

The one thing that we can all do to turn these statistics around, that guarantees relaxation, is not even taken advantage of. I am talking about taking a vacation! In 2015, 41 percent (that’s almost HALF!) of Americans admitted to NOT taking a vacation. read more

Thinking About a 3-Day Cruise? Think Again

We all know that Americans are infamous for overtaxing themselves in their careers—you know: working 80 hours a week, answering work emails at 3 am, and not taking any vacation days. Given the difficulty many of us have getting away for extended periods, a three-night cruise can sound quite appealing – a fun short getaway at a very attractive price point. read more