Cruise Connected

For many of us, a cruise vacation offers a welcome opportunity to disconnect completely from the outside world.  Others, however, have shied away from a cruise getaway for precisely this same reason.  If you are part of that large segment of the population that is either unwilling or legitimately unable to detach from responsibilities of home or business, now is the time to take a fresh look at the options a cruise vacation offers.

Cruise lines have bowed to passengers’ desire for better and more affordable online access while at sea.  Most contemporary cruise lines have improved shipboard infrastructure to provide better connectivity -- to the point that in many cases, the passenger experience is essentially comparable to the service received at home or office.  At the same time, WiFi package rates have been slashed rather dramatically, providing this greatly enhanced service at a significantly reduced price point. 

Today’s cruise ships have also added more digital options to stay connected to the world.  Whether you enjoy uploading photos to social media, Skyping with family back home, or just surfing the internet, you can easily share your experience with the world via your cell phone, laptop, or the guest-accessible computers provided in the computer lounge. You now have more options than ever before to stay in touch while you’re away.

The time is also ripe for business owners and professional service providers to take a new look at their options for cruise vacations. Busy professionals can now avail themselves of the tremendous value a cruise offers, confident in their ability to use modern-day technology to “cruise connected” – connected to clients, to colleagues, to the office, and to family.  If the ability to remain connected has been holding you back, we encourage you to consider your options for a truly connected cruise.

Whether you are ready to disconnect completely and “get away from it all” – merely keep up with your friends on social media – or have a serious need for dependable access to clients and office needs – the professional staff at Dancing Moon Travel can find the perfect cruise ship for your needs!  Call us today at (404) 913-4386 or email